Thursday 13 November 2014

Christmas cards

A goose just walked past. It was getting pretty fat.

Yes, Christmas is on its way. It is six weeks from today, in fact. I know that a lot of you will treat this news with some exceptional disdain but we all have to face up to it sooner or later. Unless you've booked yourself into the Dignitas clinic between now and December 25th.

And even Dignitas are starting to think about putting their tree up.


What better way to share the joy of the season than by sending a Christmas card (potentially of dubious taste) to your friends, family and colleagues? You can get these cards in many retailers at the moment but a lot of them are rubbish and feature pictures of some kid in a manger, and donkeys and camels and shepherds and all that. Which has little to do with the realities of the season.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Picasso new year

So instead, why not try a Dotmund Christmas card this year? You can buy them all from my Redbubble page and they'll even send the things out to you so you can avoid going out into the crowded, bustling shops and catching a cold, or Ebola.

There are many designs available this year. Let's have a look at what £1.55 can get you these days.

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, rebooted for the MTV, legal highs and web 2.0 generation.

Christmas on the Serengeti Plain. I bet they still make room for pudding. Christmas, eh?

And, inevitably, the Christmas top seller-cum-Albatross around my neck, Naked Father Christmas.
(This is the censored version, obviously. CHILDREN might be reading this blog post).

All these, plus others, are all available RIGHT NOW over on my Redbubble page. If you buy 8 or more cards, there's a 20% discount on the deal. Buy 16 or more and the discount is 30%. There may be even bigger discounts if you buy more cards than that, but I haven't checked. Mostly because I don't know more than 16 people.

People wishing I'd shut up and just draw some pictures could do worse than to head over to Facebook and LIKE my Dotmund Facebook page there for regular updates of my oeuvre.


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