Wednesday 24 August 2011

On the big picture

Today's blog post comes courtesy of my friend Alice. You would like Alice.

Anyway, on Twitter last night, Alice noted that her favourite painting by Edward Hopper was the above, which is called Rooms by the Sea. Something immediately struck me about it. It reminded me of one of my favourite paintings, David Hockney's A Bigger Splash. In fact, it could almost be that Hopper was busy painting his scene inside the building whilst Hockney stood outside painting his.

This is when I realised that it would be brilliant if all art could knit together into an entire patchwork quilt of alternate reality. Where one painting leaves off, another fills in the gaps, and so on until you have built yourself a whole universe.

I am aware that my America Project, which I've not updated in a week or so, I KNOW, is still ongoing. However, I'm a modern man. I can have more than one stupid project at any one time. From now on, all further discoveries I make in my attempt to fit every painting ever done together into one, seamless, world will be labelled "The Big Picture project" in the sidebar, for handy reference.


@LordManley said...

Perhaps I can bridge the gap with a little bit of Lowry?

alicestronaut said...

I look forward to this one developing :)

That lowry painting is beautiful


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