Tuesday 25 October 2011

On Europe

Today a look at a painting I have done of Europe. I have included the original rough sketch I made for it as well so you can see what sort of things I got up to.

Although I marked the sketch out with a grid pattern, incidentally, I never used it on the finished version. The seagull also got forgotten along the way, although it at least made it as far as a pencil sketch stage. You may notice a faint note in the margins saying "crow", a thing which didn't make the final cut but didn't even get scribbled.

At one stage there was also a dragon in the front right of the final painting but I painted it out (although I imagine that it would still be visible if held up to the light and viewed from behind). This was, unlike the seagull and the crow, the correct decision on my part. I don't know what I was bloody thinking there. The bee on the tulip replaced it. As is always the way with my sketches, the first one (bottom left hand corner, in pencil) is the perfect one and I was simply unable to recreate it or do it justice on the finished article, which bothers me.

Anyway, here you are. Europe.

(Click on the pictures for bigger versions)

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