Wednesday 16 May 2012

Prolonged absences

I've been terribly lax updating this blog recently. Unfortunately, actual life has been getting in the way, which has significantly impacted on my ability to imagine a whole different life and then fill the internet with a series of lies about it. So this morning I thought I should quickly explain that, and apologise. But then I thought, why should I? Honestly.

I love posts like these, but at the same time I have to admit that they are never anything beyond pointless, self-indulgent and self-important drivel. I'm afraid that people who have blogs, especially blogs that people actually start to read, just unavoidably find themselves cast in the role of a celebrity guest in the episode of Going Live! that is taking place in all of our heads.

I guess that this makes you readers the TV viewers or perhaps even the little kids who made up the studio audience. People who comment are the kids who called in to actually speak to the guests!

Kid 1 Hello Chris who does your hair?
(sound of a baby sibling wailing and screaming in the background)
Chris Isaak Hey kid, I do ma own hair
Kid 2 How do you get the ideas for your song?
Chris Isaak Hey kid, I needed money

So, just to be clear, you are my fans and hanging on my every word, I am famous, what I have to say is important, I am Chris Isaak.


bleep said...

I can't imagine anyone admitting to doing your hair!


Megan Belcher said...

What a wicked game you play...


You have reached the bottom of the internet