Thursday 10 November 2016

Naked POTUS, number 31: Herbert Hoover

"Even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked" - BOB DYLAN

Unable to afford clothes, it is the 31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover (1874-1964). Let's absorb information:


Born 10th August 1874, West Point, Iowa
Died 20th October 1964, New York City, New York

Presidential Term 4th March 1929 - 4th March 1933

Herbert Hoover was the son of a blacksmith. He was the first Quaker to be the President of the United States and the only Chief Executive so far to have been born in Iowa.

He and his wife were in China during the Boxer Rebellion. During their escape back to the United States they became fluent in Mandarin and would often speak it later in the White House if they didn't want anyone to know what they were saying.

He is most famous for being the President during the Great Depression, which began after the Wall Street Crash on 24th October 1929. This made him a particularly unpopular President.

Hoover came out of retirement in 1946 to help co-ordinate post-war famine relief.

In spite of the fact that they had pretty much the exact same head, Herbert Hoover was no relation to the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.

N.B. Some parts of the above image have been redacted by the CIA for reasons of national security. An unexpurgated version of all the naked Presidents will be made available at the end of the project.

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