Saturday 19 December 2009

My idea advent calendar, day 19

December 19th: Car rationalisation

A quick look outside will most likely confirm the fact that there are an awful lot of cars in the world. The vast majority of them look the same and perform fairly similarly to each other to boot, yet are made by different companies from around the world. This is a stupid waste of time, money and materials. My idea is for all the car companies to get together and decide who makes the best car in each of the classes - let's say, mini, small family, family saloon, large family estate, 4x4, sports saloon - and then, like the makers of Parmesan cheese, that company will alone be responsible for the construction and fabrication of all future models of that design. Some car companies will not like this idea, as it will turn out that they are made completely redundant by the fact that they are responsible for none of the best makes of car. However, my question to them would be whether or not being in the car manufacture business was really the right choice to begin with, seeing as they did not make especially good cars.

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