Thursday 14 April 2011

The five things foxes have put in my garden

It is my birthday today, happy birthday to me and all that. I was given a digital camera, so naturally was thinking of things to take pictures of. My immediate thought needn't detain us any further, so I now present the results of my second idea, a photographic guide to the four things foxes have put in my garden (plus one brand new thing today!). This comes courtesy of my generous family, and also the fact that when I mow the lawn I don't pick anything up, merely just kick it out of the way.

Number 1: a bone (presumably from out of an animal).

Number 2: a dog toy. (I figure that foxes, being from the dog family, like playing with toys as much as their domesticated cousins.)

Number 3: A frankly troubling sock (suspected wanksock).

Number 4: A gardening glove with all but two fingers chewed off of it.

Number 5: (NEW ENTRY) Fresh today, a dead fish with no head! Quite smelly. Suspected dogfish, with suspected mud by head end (otherwise it's a poo).

The other thing I got for my birthday was a large spot on my left temple (not pictured).

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