Monday 4 April 2011

Mund's Olde Avatar Shoppe

Like the majority of everything which now happens in the entire world, Twitter forms the basis of much of what is about to follow. But, to cut a long story short, I've started doing personalised cartoon portrait avatars for use on all sites which have avatars on them.

I've done a few FREE O' CHARGE so far for my friends. If I were nice and the world were just, I'd do one for everyone on earth and be done with it. However, things aren't that simple and that's the end of that. So, here's the business proposition...

£10 gets you a 256 x 256 pixel avatar.
£25 gets you a 256 x 256 or 512 x 512 pixel avatar, plus the original artwork on 12 x 12 cm 220gsm cartridge paper.

I'm assuming that most people will want a cartoon portrait, however, I'm open to drawing absolutely anything as an avatar as long as its not obscene, illegal or liable to incite religious hatred (and NB, I'll be the judge of what those are).

If you are interested, you can either email me using that link or get in touch with me on Twitter (@dotmund).

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