Saturday 21 January 2012

B is for bear

I must confess that I was somewhat bewildered by how popular the first entry in my animal alphabet colouring project was. Not least because it meant that people were quite unlikely to forget I'd started it and that I now needed to draw 25 more pictures. However, now it is only 24! Because B is for bear (and also for bee).


As before, if you would like to download this picture in A4 size, you can do so here: CLICK


Fran said...

This is awesome!!! I love this. x

@LordManley said...

I am sorry. B is for Bee. Do try and keep up.

@LordManley said...

Did you edit your image or am I a massive Dick (or both)?

dotmund said...

You are obviously a massive Dick because this image remains the same as it always was!


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