Wednesday 25 April 2012

A list of things I like

My life lately is a little bit chaotic. Lots of things are in a state of flux, some in good ways and some in less good ways. I'm finding it rather stressful if I'm honest. Yes, I'm one of those people who can even get stressed by nice things happening to me. It's my natural optimistic outlook, I reckon. So the other day I thought I should make a list of things which I like. If I look at a list of things I like it might well cheer me up, I figured. This is pretty unlikely to work, but it's nice to have a list of things that I like to look at. Not least because of number 1 in my list. Observe:
  1. Writing and reading lists
  2. Seeing a bird walk down the pavement as if it is a people
  3. Sitting outside on a rainy day under a cover
  4. When a fox walks through your garden during daylight hours
  5. When a fox walks through your garden at night
  6. Looking at the moon and stars
  7. Eating Scotbloc straight out of the packet
  8. Watching golf on television all day
  9. Thinking about the theme tune to Mr Rossi
  10. Dark history - murders, massacres, assassinations, revolutions etc
  11. Beaks
  12. Saying the word "anus" out loud
  13. Grating the dry skin off of my feet
  14. Writing on plastic with a ballpoint pen
  15. Finding motor racing circuits and places of historical significance on Google Maps
  16. Smelling things

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Viva la felicita!


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