Monday 25 June 2012

A little bit of politics

Today is the day that Wimbledon starts and I am very determined to not be on a downer for that, because it is my favourite sporting event of the year. It's possibly the only televised mass aggregation of posh people that I can still tolerate.

However, as the current joke of a government that we in the United Kingdom didn't quite elect are still determinedly trying to make good on Margaret Thatcher's claim that there's no such thing as society, a bit of a rant was unavoidable.

I don't blame David Cameron for this. He's an archetypal Conservative politician, so we all knew that he was a clueless, disinterested elitist going in. Hey, maybe that's why we didn't give him a mandate to govern? And you know, I don't even blame Nick Clegg any more. It almost seems cruel to beat up on someone so craven, cowardly, pathetic and doomed.

No, I blame the Labour Party. They got what they deserved at the last General Election. I'm kind of glad we still live in a land where waging a hideous, deceitful and illegal war against a defenceless foreign power will still earn you negative repercussions, however minor they might be (we're never going to win Eurovision again, for starters). But it's all over now! It's no reason to keep flagellating yourselves. Maybe you aren't? Maybe you're punishing us to have the temerity to protest in the streets against Saint Anthony's holy crusade? Either way, they elected Milhouse as their new leader. Pretty cruel.

Unfortunately, the sole national voice against this venal, spiteful government's 2 year rule to have carried any weight came from a sheepdog-owning, former Blue Peter presenting, gymnastics commentating, smiley and unoffensive light entertainer. I'm afraid that until such a time that Matt Baker isn't the leading vocal campaigner for compassionate socialism in the UK, we have little hope.

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