Friday 29 June 2012

Wimblemund 2012: day 5

Andy Murray (GB) bt. Ivo Karlovic (HRV) 7-5, 6-7(5), 6-2, 7-6(4)

Yesterday on Centre Court a spirited duel was fought out during Andy Murray's four set victory over Ivo Karlovic in the stands as well as on the court. I particularly enjoyed its subtleties and developments.

The first competitor was a particularly strident (i.e. drunk) man, calling for Karlovic. Normally, there's a very special type of partisanship during Wimbledon. All the players are given respect and support, but it's generally accepted that the British players will be cheered to the rafters.

So Come On Ivo man was a rare bird. It's perhaps for the best that ornithologists don't react to rare birds in the same way as the menopausal women who make up 90% of the Centre Court crowd. If nothing else, the rare birds would fly away upon being told to "SHUT UP" in a shrill fashion.

Come On Ivo man was very persistent, though, and refused to be cowed. He even had the answer for his greatest opponent, Obviously-Scrupulously-Planned-But-Ultimately-Very-Tenuous-and-Therefore-Shit-Joke man.

It's the second set tie-break. A tight moment at a crucial stage of the game, with Murray up against his opponent's fearsome serve.

"Come on Andy, make Ivo come unstuck!"

It's a brilliant pun on the famous brand of glue, Evostick. But it's tortured, doesn't quite work and consequently, is shite. This being tennis, though, his opponent came volleying back almost immediately with a winner:

"Come on Ivo".

When the competition is as tight as that off the court, it's a wonder anyone even bothers showing up with a racket.

Family Box Man Update

Current theory: he is the gatekeeper, and will let you into the players' family box if you can answer him his questions three.

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