Sunday 11 September 2011


9/11 was that rare thing indeed: a moment in history when things genuinely changed. Paradigm shift. It was the most vivid, audacious, unbelievable, horrifying and devastating thing I have ever witnessed. I hope I never see the like again

Over the last ten years, you learn lots of little things about that day. From grand conspiratorial plots to individual acts of humanity and kindness. Every time that footage, which is burned permanently into my brain, takes on a slightly different perspective.

There's such an unreal quality to those images that they can feel jarring and impersonal. Bringing the humanity back into the story one person or one tale at a time is, I think, terribly important.

Because 9/11 was the very worst of humanity. The fact that it has continued to send ripples of the same kind of ignorance, fear, intolerance and hatred which inspired the act in the first place is the most awful part. The best commemoration this year and every year would be to love one another.

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