Saturday 17 September 2011

The Make Something Swap

Now we've got the horror of the chutney podcast firmly committed to the annals of history, we can get back to more constructive things.

For my art and craft minded readers, may I direct you in the direction of Skulls and Ponies (art and craft minded readers should already be reading S&P, dammit) so that you might join in with the swapsie-swap project idea that Fran has decided to run. I commend this idea to the house. All the necessary details are HERE.

Don't make me threaten you. Kneecaps are such precious things.

For non-art or craft-minded readers, I suppose there's always a chutney podcast to keep you entertained(?) until my next massive crisis of confidence precipitates a more traditional dotmund blog post.


Fran said...

Chutney would make an excellent swap present FYI. x

coolpants1 said...

I will swap some of my love bubbles for 5 mins of chat and a picture of one of your Ibex's.


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