Monday 5 September 2011

On Gus Krumm

A little bit of housekeeping. On Saturday I looked at my blog stats, which any long-time readers will know is a particularly dangerous thing for me to do. Invariably, I became hypnotised by them fairly quickly. But I have to say I'm somewhat surprised by some of the numbers. For one thing, I discovered that my blog has 37 subscribers, which was at least 35 more than I'd expected. For another, over the last month I've started to get a fairly solid and steady number of hits every day.

This may strike you as a little odd, but I'd never really thought of people actually reading this. I suppose the secret to any good thing is to do it for the right reasons. In this case I've managed to do that, largely by accident. I think of this blog primarily as a venting exercise, as well as a diary, some-time sketchbook and notepad. The beauty of making it all available online is that it theoretically allows you to start a dialogue or help expand on things. It's always a pleasant surprise, though, when that actually starts to happen. Plus it always motivates you to do more, so the old snowballing starts up.

The most interesting thing for me, though, is not the numbers but the search terms. Here are the stats for August 2011:

A number of these are familiar sights to me. "Dotmund" is by far and away the most commonly-used search term for people visiting my blog. It also may explain why I have such a high proportion of visits from Germany - I really ought to include some courtesy outward links in my sidebar for people who want information about Dortmund, but got all hamfingered at the keys.

"Arsene Wenger puffa jacket" is another old faithful, after this picture of him that I did (incidentally, it's still for sale... see my sidebar for details!), as is Hazel Irvine. Poor old Hazel Irvine - one of the UK's leading sports television presenters - bore the brunt of my largely blunt satirical tooth during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, as I began every day's summary of events with increasingly blue snapshots of her being the first face any red-blooded male sports enthusiast would see every morning for a fortnight. The thought occurs to me that Hazel herself may do what we all have done and Google their name. So if any of these hits was you, Hazel, I can only apologise. In fact, I apologise to anyone who had to read any of it.

However. There's much meat left on these bones. In July I was delighted to note that one lucky soul had found my blog after searching for "Petra Kvitova tits". Obviously a tennis fan, eager to learn more of the newest Wimbledon champion. Perhaps he's also a fan of the tabletop version of the game, judging by the above?

I was more perturbed, really, by the volleyball fan. I'm not sure when I ever wrote about volleyball, although presumably I may have touched on it during the Olympics. Either way, I'm pretty sure - or at least hopeful - that whoever came here looking for "streching grafic photos" would have left here disappointed.

Maybe it was Gus Krumm. I'm pretty sure this is the first post I have ever done mentioning Gus Krumm, so I'm a little surprised that two people have wandered over here on the understanding that I was running some sort of Centre for Krumm Enlightenment or Krummwagon. A cursory Google reveals that the aforementioned seems to be some sort of Catholic priest, in disgrace for financial irregularities, or nobbling young boys, or some combination thereof. Maybe that Gus Krumm is completely different from the Gus Krumm that whoever was searching here was looking for?

Personally, I'm largely sceptical that Gus Krumm even exists. If he does and if he's done even some of the stuff the first few pages of Google suggest he has, I'd recommend avoiding him. And anyone else who is also called Gus Krumm, just on the off-chance.

It goes without saying that I am completely thrilled with "pubes" being joint-leader. Let's push on and see if September can be the most pubed-up month of to date.

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Anonymous said...

gus krumm is the lowest of the low lifes. molested 100's of boys, and raped some. sT anthony's seminary in santa barbara and a host of other churches, places, schools, etc. know all about this piece of garbage.


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