Saturday 4 February 2012

I am five

I am in a celebratory mood this morning for a variety of reasons, and at least one of them I can share with you now: today I have been on Twitter for five years.

Five years! I am rather proud of this. It means, for one thing, that I signed up to Twitter within about six months of its launch, which is an act of completely unprecedented foresight on my part. Normally I only join anything long after its best years were behind it. Like a man marrying into the French royal family on 13th July 1789.

But what I am really proud of, in an uncharacteristically serious way, is how many new friends I have made because of it. I could have used it to try and hawk my wares. It's arguable that I should do that more often. But Twitter for me is a reminder of my growth as a person and an example of my positive investment in myself, even if that investment is just time spent rattling out aphoristic bursts of grumpy, nonsensical bobbins.

In five years time I hope I will be posting here to celebrate my big 10, by which point I will be damn near completely intolerable.


alicestronaut said...

I am ridiculously happy that twitter enabled me to know you, love you, and thus tolerate you. I'm a young un, I'll be twitter 4 in march. X

mungolina said...

you're a terrible person and you will be stopped

read the last sentence here:


Mungolina said...

wow.... most of the brighton mungos joined early 2009. What a bunch of noobs

I didn't realise quite how cool we were. Which is stupid, because it's fairly self-evident


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