Monday 6 February 2012

On why I hate humanity (today, at least)

The most dispiriting thing about the news that the Archbishop of York has received racist emails following his comments about gay marriage is that you could have seen it coming a mile off. Presumably, a lot of these emails come from homosexuals, but it's reasonable to assume that a proportion of them would just come from people who are pro-equality. Pro-equality racists. It's a brave new world.

Racism is creeping back into British life and it disgusts me. British culture is a big melting pot of a thing which should be celebrated. In many (I wish I could say most, but I'm really not sure any more) quarters it is. It seems to me that some people have reached their tolerance with tolerance. Something had to give. Can fucking pricks only tolerate a finite number of potentially divisive issues before they have to sacrifice one? "Margaret, a family of gay black Muslims moved in next door and now all of a sudden I'm pro-fox hunting again, fetch the hounds".

The ideal person to ask, ironically, could be John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. He is one of the nation's leading fucking pricks. Well, no, that is unfair. He is an intelligent and learned man. You can't rise to such a position of authority without a great deal of intelligence, academic and otherwise. So, the Archbishop of York is not a fucking prick. He merely says the exact same things that a fucking prick might, hence the possibility for confusion.

Archbishop Sentamu continually irks me with his statements and opinions. Some of the things he says make me want to stick knitting needles in my ears and just be done with it. But the fact there are some knuckle-draggers out there just waiting for him to give them a pretext (by, let's say, saying something fucking prickish) to complain about the thing they find intolerable about him makes me angry beyond anger: angry sad. Resigned angry sad. Sangry.

So, here I am. A sangry man. God's sangry man. Pricks to the left. Racist pricks to the right. Sangry in the middle. Sangmund.

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