Wednesday 6 June 2012

A visit from the moos

Being a creative person -  much more creative than, let's say, you, for instance - I have always been interested in the elusive Muse, that thing that visits people with inspiration and ideas. I'm especially intrigued by how this works for musicians, because music is something I can't do. Music is the greatest of all the artforms, and anyone who tells you that it isn't is almost certainly a self-deprecating musician.

Richard Strauss, yesterday

Over the long Jubileekend, however, I had a little flash of enlightenment which led me to perhaps understand a little better how the great musicians and composers come by their ideas.

I imagine that Richard Strauss was walking through a farmyard one morning when, all of a sudden a succession of pigs started to appear over the wall of their pen.





Then a cow wandered past.

Moo moo.

And with that, 'Sunrise' from Also Sprach Zarathustra was born.

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Megan Belcher said...

You'll be composing with AutoTune in no time!


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