Thursday 3 January 2013

No commercial potential

Hello. I hope you all had a happy new year. I've done almost literally nothing over the holiday period. I like to pretend that I am still at school and I'm on my school holidays and I do not think it is immodest of me to say that I am very good at it. So good, in fact, that on my return from my school holidays I often fall victim to the same problems as schoolchildren do, i.e. holding mark-making implements in my hand starts to feel enormously alien to me.

This is a problem because I am currently figuring out and doing the artwork for a new year overhaul of my Etsy store with new products. There's not a lot of point in looking there at the moment as it's still mostly remaindered Christmas stuff which, considering today's date, is both ill-timed and ludicrously overpriced.

But last night I was so worried that I had forgotten how to draw that I got out a sketchbook and a pencil, and once I had remembered which end of the pencil does the marks on the page I did some drawings. I am lucky, as I have not forgotten how to draw. Or at least, I haven't got any worse, for whatever use that is. Also, it gave me an idea for a drawing which could prove* to be a good seller (* it won't). Here is an annotated guide to my new brilliant idea.

a. My great new commercially viable idea: prints of drawings of popular TV shows. This is hugely original idea. As you can see from this drawing, I've already started trying to sketch the lovely meth-worn faces of the people from Breaking Bad which is a TV programme that I like. You can see Walt, Jesse, Gus, that mean bald one who works for Gus (I don't remember the names of TV characters very well) and a chicken of the type that might be served to diners at Los Pollos Hermanos after its life was declared extinct.

b. Monkey butler. Slightly over-literal.

c. Giraffe and bear. Good giraffe and nice shading on the giraffe spots, which are presumably for camouflage. Why a sixty foot high animal with a massive neck feels the need not to advertise I don't fully understand. My point is, if I were a lion or suchlike, I'd probably spot them, camouflage or no.

d. Elvis duck. Not in Breaking Bad.

e. This started as a mouse and finished as a dog of some kind but it has my face, so who knows.

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