Thursday 12 February 2009


I love mints. They are my favourite sweets. The other day I tried to imagine a world without mints and it was not a pleasant thought. I love mints so much I even buy the overpriced ones from WH Smiths at Brighton Station. The only mints I don't really like are Murray Mints. My favourite of all are Trebor Mint Imperials.

However, I particularly like Trebor Spearmint flavour Softmints at the moment. I've never fully understood why spearmint is represented as blue in confectionary circles, because spearmint is in fact green. Green and leafy. Spearmint softmints, though, come in a white and blue packet and the sweets are a lurid blue colour. I was disappointed that Trebor didn't also make the peppermint flavour softmints - which come in a predominantly green packet - bright green. I bought both, you see. For research purposes. Minty research.

That's really all I have to say on the subject, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

I get through a lot of sugarfree polos, which I used to think tasted really metallic, but now they're OK, but sometimes I get overpriced sugarfree softmints from Boots.

Graham Sibley said...

Aren't the sugarfree polos the ones that can give you anal leakage?

Unknown said...

Mint Imperials are indeed completely and utterly brilliant.

Ultimate Fist said...

Spearmint Extra chewing gum comes in a green packet. Does chewing gum count?

dotmund said...

What colour is salt and vinegar chewing gum these days?


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