Tuesday 22 November 2011

Flim 2012

As my bewilderingly loyal readers will know, earlier this year I did a series of posts about favourite albums and the favourite albums of my friends and fellow blogging machines. I love albums. But they're not the only way in which you can enjoy music.

Films are different. They are not something you can particularly enjoy by having them on in the background, or expect to receive the same gratification watching one scene as you would by seeing the whole thing. They are something which require a bit of commitment and engagement, the desire to sit down and concentrate on it and it alone until it's finished telling its story.

For me, winter and particularly Christmas time are prime film watching moments. Over the Christmas holidays I will be making a list of all the films on which I really ought not to miss, as I have been doing since I can remember. There've been fairly meagre pickings in recent years - the last real bonanza was about 10 years ago, when the BBC ran a huge series of the films from the Universal Studios horror canon - but there's usually at least half a dozen films which I've not seen before, that rarely come up, or that will surprise me if I give them the chance. Last year I promised myself I would try and watch as many films as I could and I'll be doing the same thing this year. Probably whilst drinking port and eating chocolates.

I weigh 415lbs.

To accompany this, I am going to be trying to do a series of posts on this actual very blog about films. Good ones, brilliant ones, ones which change you, awful ones, grindingly awful ones, BRILLIANTLY awful ones, sad ones, ones that take you out of time and place, ones which you can watch again and again. I hope that I will also be able to get some guest authors to share their own thoughts, to produce a wide-ranging series of recommendations and stories. And there won't be a review in sight. I have rashly also said I will try and provide illustrations for these posts, which was a monumentally daft thing to say but it would be good so I will try and do that as well.

I hope we'll all enjoy it and that it will encourage you all to watch as many films as possible, instead of other boring winter activities like whatever the hell it is you people do whilst I'm sat at home in my pants watching films.

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