Thursday 10 November 2011

My favourite albums: Fran

Another guest post today. This time it's from my friend Fran. Fran is 27 and lives in Brighton, which is an excellent place to live. She is also the author of her own excellent blog about life, craft and creativity, Skulls and Ponies. You should definitely read it.

Fran's (no particular order) top 10 is as follows:

1) A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms
This album is my everything. It’s the one. My true love. My soulmate. As much as I love Tool, I have always preferred APC. This album lifts me up when I’m feeling down, comforts me when I’m feeling wallowy and never fails to make me smile when I’m feeling good. It’s perfect.

2) Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
I used to listen to this album with my Dad in the car. My parents divorced when I was 4 so I spent a lot of time in the car. I used to play ‘Leather’ on repeat. Bit weird as the lyrics open with ‘Look who’s standing naked before you...’ but I was a kid. I didn’t care about the words. The music connected with me and still does.

3) No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
I loved, loved, loved this band so much when I was younger. From about the age of 11 I just thought they were the best thing ever. The first time (and the only time) I saw them was at Brixton Academy. 17, young, naive, terrified of London. With Gwen Stefani’s new pop career I could easily shy away from claiming they are one of my favourites but they are. It was a close tie between Tragic Kingdom and their self-titled album but T.K is just still so very very brilliant.

4) Between the Buried and Me - Colors
So up until very recently I was massively into metal, hardcore, screamo, prog etc. It’s only in the last few years I’ve started to like indie and folk! BTBAM’s songs are just stunningly beautiful. They ebb and flow and tell you a story. White Walls is the ultimate track with an epic build that then suddenly crashes into destruction. Glorious.

5) Jeff Buckley - Grace
Maybe I shouldn’t admit to this one? I mean it’s a bit of cliche really for anyone my age, but it’s the truth. This album is undeniably amazing. The vocals are what make it. I’ll say no more than that.

6) Modern Life is War - My Love, My Way
Melodic hardcore at it’s best. I understand this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but man this album is just fantastic. MLIW (sadly no more) just had the best lyrics, and every song is so full of passion. My favourite is First and Ellen with the last line ‘So scrape your heart up from the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. Keep your faith in the path that's growing narrow. Kill the doubt inside your head. We overcome. We push ahead.”

7) Deftones - White Pony
I think it’s fair to say this album is a little dated now in terms of sound, but I still adore it. Deftones were one of those bands that when I first heard them I hate, hate, hated them. I couldn’t get it and then one day BAM! I just completely got it and understood what all the hype was about. It was like it just clicked. I love Passenger - it also features Maynard James Keenan (Tool, APC)

8) Faith No More - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
I love Faith No More and have done since I was a kid. I never really knew anyone who was as into them as me until I met my friend Dan (who is one of best friends) and it was the basis of our friendship! 2 years ago they did a reunion tour which Dan and I leapt on! When Dan was 15 he had a ticket to go see FNM but they broke up before he got chance to see them and was completely gutted. Seeing them at Brixton was an emotional experience. The very next morning we got on a bus to Download with all our friends and got to see them the very next night.

9) Lit - A Place in the Sun

10) The National - Boxer
My very indie boyfriend got me into this band. He likes a lot of the same music as me, but also is a massive indie boy. Before we got together nearly 2 years ago, we had been friends for a while (having met at Uni). When we first got together he made me a playlist and Fake Empire was one of the tracks on it. I thought the lyrics were “We are half away in a facon pie”.


Charis said...

Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos and No Doubt all awesome. Haven't heard of a couple of the others so will have to check them out!

Anonymous said...

can anyone do this then? except can i do one without music?

dotmund said...

You've already done one, 5olly, you plonker


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