Saturday 7 July 2012

Wimblemund 2012: day 12

Ladies' Singles Final Day

SUE BARKER: Hello and welcome to Wimbledon, where tomorrow Britain's Andy Murray will bid to become Britain's first Grand Slam-winning male tennis player since Virginia Wade in 1977. I'm joined by Lindsay Davenport and Tracey Austin. Lindsay and Tracey, it's Ladies' Final day, so the question on everyone's lips is: can Andy do it?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Almost certainly not.

TRACEY AUSTIN: He'll be lucky.

SUE BARKER: Well, it's not just Andy Murray's final tomorrow today, it's also the British Grand Prix at Silverstone which you can see live on the BBC. Our man Jake Humphrey is at Silverstone for qualifying, and Jake, what we all want to know is: can Andy Murray do it tomorrow in the British Grand Primbledon?

JAKE HUMPHREY: Hello Sue from a wet Silverstone, I wish that we had a roof over the circuit here like you do over at Centre Court where tomorrow Andy Murray bids to win everything.

SUE BARKER: Of course, today's final tomorrow is all part of a great summer of sport on the BBC - the Olympics starts at the end of this month and we've also enjoyed Euro 2012. Gary Lineker is our man in the Match of the Day Studio... Gary, with the whole world wondering if Andy can do it, how are England getting on in the European Championships?

GARY LINEKER: They're still out, Sue.

SUE BARKER: Well, 3 hours talking about Andy Murray is plenty of build-up for today's Ladies' Final, so let's go to our commentary team for today: David Mercer, Virginia Wade and Sam Smith.

DAVID MERCER: Thank you, Sue. Here come the players now, and you can see that Agnieszka Radwanska is deep in thought - probably wondering whether or not Andy can do it tomorrow.

SAM SMITH: Almost certainly, David, yes. But can he do it? That's what everyone who is here wants to know.

SUE BARKER: Well, that was quite some final, wasn't it? Let's not forget that tomorrow on the BBC you can find out live if Andy Murray will win the title, but let's just get the trophy ceremony out of the way. Here's our losing finalist. How do you think Andy will do tomorrow?

LOSING FINALIST: *Wracking sobs*

SUE BARKER: I know how you feel, it's been an emotional rollercoaster ever since Andy beat Nikolay Davydenko twelve days ago. A word now from the winning finalist. You've won today, do you think Andy Murray can win tomorrow?

WINNING FINALIST: It's pretty difficult to see how he can.

SUE BARKER: Well, thanks for that. I'll be back tomorrow at 6 a.m. to start the build-up for Andy Murray's first Wimbledon final. Now over to TV centre for the news, with Maxine Mawhinny.

MAXINE MAWHINNY: Thank you Sue. The headlines: [BUNF BUNF] Andy Murray will play in tomorrow's Wimbledon Men's Singles Final... [BUNF BUNF] Can he do it? We ask Ban Ki-Moon... [BUNF BUNF]...

Serena Williams won by the way. 6-1, 5-7, 6-2.

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