Thursday 12 July 2012

X is for African ground squirrel

The letter X presents something of a problem for any animal alphabetiser and it has been tackled in several different ways. Two snakes crossed over. An Ibex or some other animal with the letter X in its name flamboyantly stretched to purpose. The list goes on.

I was somewhat handicapped in this by the fact that I am a colossal pedant, so deeply autistic and damaged that I was determined to find an animal that begins with the letter X, no matter how arcane or stupid it may be. And I found one, thanks to genotypes and Latin, which is a great language let's face it. And Xerus is also the name of a spaceship. So space squirrels ahoy, get your crayons out.


To download an A4-sized printable version to take a shit on, you can click HERE.

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