Thursday 20 October 2016

Naked POTUS, number 22 (and 24): Grover Cleveland

"Even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked" - BOB DYLAN

Naked as the day he was born and looking decidedly non-consecutive, it is the twenty-second (and twenty-fourth) President of the United States, Grover Cleveland (1837-1908). Facts:


Born 18th March 1837, Caldwell, New Jersey
Died 24th June 1908, Princeton, New Jersey

Presidential Terms 4th March 1885 - 4th March 1889 and 4th March 1893 - 4th March 1897

As any fool know, Grover Cleveland is the only President of the United States to have served his two terms of office non-consecutively.

Cleveland was the son of a Presbyterian minister and he spend most of his childhood moving around New York State.

Cleveland is the only President of the United States to have gotten married during his term of office. He was wedded to Frances Folsom at the White House in 1886. Following Cleveland's death in 1908, Folsom would become the first former First Lady to remarry.

Grover Cleveland was the first Democratic President since Andrew Johnson, and the first elected Democratic President since James Buchanan.

He is remembered as one of the most diligent and morally unimpeachable American Presidents, frequently going against his party's line if they did not agree with his thinking. His particular eye for detail rubbed a number of Civil War veterans up the wrong way: he carefully studied all of the requests for pensions himself and angered many with refusals. Misuse of Federal funds was a growing problem and his particular bugbear.

He was especially unpopular with Tammany Hall, the Democratic political society formed in New York. They block voted to help deny Cleveland the 1888 election, won by Benjamin Harrison. They also tried to prevent his re-election in 1892 but narrowly failed.

Utah was admitted to the Union during Cleveland's second Presidential term, in 1896.

After his Presidency, Cleveland retired to sit on the board of trustees at Princeton University.

N.B. Some parts of the above image have been redacted by the CIA for reasons of national security. An unexpurgated version of all the naked Presidents will be made available at the end of the project.

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