Friday 28 October 2016

Naked POTUS, number 29: Warren G. Harding

"Even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked" - BOB DYLAN

Pictured here with no clothes on, his usual plumage, it is the 29th President of the United States Warren G. Harding (1865-1923). All about him:


Born 2nd November 1865, Corsica, Ohio
Died 2nd August 1923, San Francisco, California

Presidential Term 4th March 1921 - 2nd August 1923

Warren G. Harding was the son of two doctors, but he made his name as a newspaper editor and proprietor. He made his paper, The Marion Daily Star, into one of the largest in the country before he turned to politics.

Harding was the first US President to have been born post-American Civil War.

He was a divisive figure. Harding controversially filled his cabinet with close personal friends. The major fallout from this was the Teapot Dome scandal, where a Harding crony - Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall - secretly sold the oil rights to Teapot Dome, Wyoming in exchange for money and cattle.

Harding was a progressive, ordering that the White House and Washington D.C. be desegregated. He also pardoned the Communist politician Eugene V. Debs, imprisoned by his predecessor Woodrow Wilson for speaking out against the Great War. Harding was in fact responsible for ending that war: due to the US Senate's refusal to join the League of Nations, the conflict was not technically over until ratified by the US President.

Harding is best remembered for his magnificent sexual incontinence. He had a lengthy affair with Laurie Fulton Phillips, while another mistress Nan Fulton, sired him an illegitimate daughter. His wife was a peculiarly understanding woman.

Harding became the sixth US President to die in office. He had a heart attack while visiting San Francisco on 27th July 1923. Subsequent examination showed that he was also suffering from pneumonia and he died of a cerebral haemmorhage a week after he fell ill.

The G stood for Gamaliel.

N.B. Some parts of the above image have been redacted by the CIA for reasons of national security. An unexpurgated version of all the naked Presidents will be made available at the end of the project.

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