Wednesday 25 May 2011

Your favourite albums, my favourite albums

This evening I was reading The Quietus when it occurred to me just how much I love reading people's lists of their all-time favourite albums. Be the person famous or not, there's always something fascinating about it to me. Making lists and reading lists already give me a huge amount of pleasure, but lists of favourite music and favourite records always seem the most personal and special of them all.

So, I thought I should collect them. Nothing formal, beyond people sending me their lists and my putting them up here. Perhaps collating it into one overall master list of THE BEST ALBUM IN THE WORLD. Perhaps not. Anyway, if you are interested, please do join in. You can contact me in myriad ways, but the easiest is probably going to be to email me.

All I ask is for a list of your top ten* all time favourite records†, in any order you wish. If you want to supply reasons, please do so. If you don't want to, don't. And some basic biographical details would be nice (first name, age, nationality, that sort of thing) but again, that can be as detailed, minimal or absent as you like.

* It doesn't have to be ten, but if it's a flamboyantly high amount I'll probably think you're mocking me. The nearer to ten (or under) you are, the more heroic you will appear to your fellow man.

†Any officially released recording (i.e. someone could read your list and go and try to find it) is eligible, regardless of genre. Even spoken word counts. I'm being a total hippy about this. Except for Greatest Hit albums. They will not be allowed.

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