Monday 30 May 2011

My favourite albums: Dave

This list was contributed by Dave. I do not know Dave personally but it is clear that we are kindred spirits, judging by his excellent blog made up of top-5 lists, Chop's Top Fives. Us listos have to stick together. And make lists. Dave's listing helps him wile away the hours which would, horrifyingly, otherwise be filled with "the important stuff a husband and father of two probably should be doing; DIY, mowing the lawn and catching spiders."

Dave has gone the extra mile with this list, and provided TEN albums, a 200% increase on his usual output.

1. Pixies “Surfer Rosa” (1988) - The Pixies are my favourite band, any of their first 3 or 4 releases would be contenders but Surfer Rosa has a raw edge to it I love.

2. The Sonics “Here Are The Sonics” (1965) - Pioneers of punk, this is sixties rock'n'roll but wilder than anyone else of their time. If you like Iggy & The Stooges, The Jim Jones Revue or Japandroids you should check them out.

3. Johnny Cash “Live at Folsom Prison” (1968) - Cash's best album in my opinion, might be cheating slightly by combining many of his hits in one place but the atmosphere is tangible and Johnny's personality shines through.

4. The Specials “The Specials” (1979) - An album I first tried to buy when I was 11 at my best mates Blue Peter "bring and buy" sale. I couldn't muster the requisite £1.99 though and it sold before I had time to run home and raid the piggy bank.

5. Aretha Franklin “I Never Loved a Man ...” (1967) - An amazing soul vocal from Aretha who is up there with my very favourite singers. Respect is the treat that will draw you in but the consistency throughout the rest of the album will keep you coming back.

6. Nirvana “Nevermind” (1991) - Thought about attempting to be cool and going with "Bleach" but this was the first Nirvana album I heard and marked a sea change in my musical taste.

7. Stiff Little Fingers “Inflammable Material” (1979) - Other than a brief mention in the film of "High Fidelity", Stiff Little Fingers remain a largely under appreciated punk band. I think they were one of the best original UK punk bands, great live and with a song craft that many others of their era lacked.

8. Jethro Tull “Stand Up” (1968) - Not quite prog rock, not quite blues. Tull mined an unique vein the set them apart from everyone else.

9. Ramones “Ramones” (1976) - It's a perfect album, fourteen tracks every single one as good as the last. Their sound obviously didn't change a great deal after this but if you own only one Ramones album this is the one to have.

10. Metallica “Ride The Lightning” (1983) - Taking Metal to the next level. They became a bit of a monster but this was when they seemed genuinely alternative.

Thanks to Dave. If you'd like to contribute, clickums.


5olly said...

oi. what's Dave's twitter then?

dotmund said...

Why, it's @Chops_Top_Fives, by crikey.

Chopper said...

Cheers. The extra 5 slots made this a lot harder than normal. An exponential increase in effort I reckon. Can't work out what that means in percentages though!


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