Thursday 1 January 2009


Let's produce some statistics.

Year of birth for people: eligible to vote, drink and buy knives and glue in the United Kingdom: 1991; ...eligible for a UK driver's license: 1992; ...people reaching the age of consent: 1993.

Ten people who will be 30 in 2009:

Jesse Spencer
(Australian actor); Jennifer Love Hewitt (American actress); Valentino Rossi (Italian motorcycle racer); Pete Doherty (British singer/songwriter); Kate Hudson (American actress); Andrea Pirlo (Italian football player); Amelié Mauresmo (French tennis player); Kimi Räikkönen (Finnish racing driver); Daniel Bedingfield (British singer/songwriter); Michael Owen (English football player)

Ten people who will be 40 in 2009:

Michael Schumacher
(German racing driver); Jennifer Aniston (American actress); Brian Lara (Trinidadian cricketer); Ice Cube (American rapper, music producer and actor); Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (British Paralympian); Christian Slater (American actor); Catherine Zeta-Jones (British actress); Ernie Els (South African golfer); Jay-Z (American rapper); Richard Hammond (British television presenter)

Ten people who will be 50 in 2009:

John McEnroe
(American tennis player and broadcaster); Kyle MacLauchlan (American actor); Steve McFadden (British actor); Robert Smith (British musician); Ben Elton (British writer); Morrissey (British singer/songwriter); Martin Brundle (British racing driver and broadcaster); Hugh Laurie (British actor); Simon Cowell (British record executive and TV personality); Judd Nelson (American actor)

Ten notable anniversaries in 2009:

British Museum
opened (250 years, 15th January); British government nationalises Northern Rock (1 year, 18th February); Barbie Doll released into the shops (50 years, March 9th) Giro d'Italia cycling road race (100 years, May 13th); Dartmoor Prison opened (200 years, May 24th); Big Ben first chiming the hour in London (150 years, July 11th); Abolition of slavery in the British Empire (175 years, 1st August); First rugby match at Twickenham (100 years, 8th October); First publication of the song Three Blind Mice (400 years, 12th October); Persia becomes Iran (75 years, 27th December)

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