Tuesday 6 January 2009

Channel 4

The reason why I like Channel 4 is not entirely down to the story I'm about to relate, but it is indicative of it. I watched a documentary about Linda Lovelace which they had made a few years ago. For the uninitiated or clean-living amongst you, Linda Lovelace was a star of pornographic films in the 1970s, known particularly for Deep Throat. The documentary dealt with how she came to prominence and then explored the exploitation she claimed was involved in the industry, and her later activism for the anti-pornography movement in America.

During one fraught TV debate show in the 1980s, Lovelace tearfully went through a list of the humiliations thrust upon her in the name of entertainment. These included, we were told, a dog film. Which is what it sounds like. Upon learning this, I thought, 'really, how informative' (which is what I think when I am watching documentaries).

Channel 4, however, then did the highly unlikely and illustrated her points with a video clip of the movie in question. This is why I love Channel 4. They are not afraid to go there. Incidentally, the dog was not afraid to go there either. In fact, he looked delighted.

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