Saturday 17 January 2009


My favourite actor is Robert de Niro. However, he only just edges my second favourite, Samuel L. Jackson, because Jackson is unquestionably the coolest single entity on the planet. It speaks volumes for Samuel L. Jackson's abilities (and epic coolness) that I have watched a lot of his films, even though they generally tend to be not as good as films other people are in. Here are my five favourite Samuel L. Jackson films (in alphabetical order).

Deep Blue Sea

Samuel L. Jackson is, as I may have mentioned, cool. As such, he lends much to daft animal attack films. Sadly, I've not seen Snakes on a Plane yet, but I know I will love it simply because it has him in it, and I have seen Deep Blue Sea. Jaws may be the shark film's book of Genesis, but Deep Blue Sea is its New Testament. Genetically modified, super-intelligent, massive sharks take over an underwater science laboratory and go mad. This film is also an excellent example of how Samuel L. Jackson is not afraid to be that film stereotype from the bad old days: the black protagonist who doesn't quite make it to the end. But what a way to go!

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Here, SLJ plays a racist store owner in Harlem, NYC, who gets dragged into Detective John McLain's running battle with Eastern-European terrorist cells. The film itself withers a bit towards the end, but Samuel L. Jackson keeps it cool throughout.

Jackie Brown

I'd heard mixed reviews about this film when it came out, so didn't expect much from it when I finally saw it on television. It taught me that film critics are to be ignored, because it is an outstanding film, undoubtably my favourite Tarantino venture so far. Here, Samuel L. Jackson goes the other way to play a nasty piece of work, an arms dealer trying to get his money out of Mexico and killing people who stand in his way. The coolest movie antagonist you could ever imagine.

Pulp Fiction

This will probably always be the definitive SLJ role, and with good reason. Jules Winfield, the moralising, cerebral mercenary, is perhaps one of celluloid's most sympathetic ever Bad Men. Regardless of that, he is almost certainly the single coolest film character you could ever hope to see.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

SLJ plays a washed-up private investigator, trying to help Geena Davis - an ex-government assassin suffering from amnesia - regain her memory. He's slowly caught up in her whirlwind and faces mortal danger, but never stops keeping it way cool.


G said...

You forgot 51st State, which truly is his finest hour. Not least because we get to see he ass.

Mungo said...

I thought Jackie Brown spent far too fucking long establishing that Jackson was a bad-ass motherfucker.

I mean, it was Samuel L Jackson in a Tarantino film. It was a teensy weensy bit obvious that he was a bad ass.


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