Thursday 2 June 2011

Psychological warfare

In the last few weeks and months I have improved my life by, and there's no other way of saying this, by being nice. I suspect I've always known that I'm quite a nice and kind person, although you have to take what your mum tells you about yourself with a pinch of salt at times. I think I've helped make the world in my own particular fart-enriched slipstream a better place though, and in turn that's helping me feel better about myself.

Brain is not going down without a fight, however. He is in full rebellion. The irony is that in this situation he's rebelling against himself, which has the potential to get a little messy. At the moment, no matter how hard he's screaming at that I'm a wrong 'un, that I'm hated or up to no good, the part which controls what I actually do has him licked.

I'm excited to find out who is going to prevail in this battle, even though it may leave body as something of a passenger. I certainly know who I hope prevails.

Incidentally, the part of my brain that wrote this is the nice part, trying to shame the nasty part into line. Clever move, brain.

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