Thursday 23 June 2011

On ears

You know that thing where you hear a song you've heard hundreds of time before, but you really properly hear it for the first time? That doesn't happen to me very often, but it happened today. And it happened with what is perhaps a strange song, but I'm perhaps a strange man. Anyway, it was The Vagabond by Air with Beck Hansen. This song is ten years old but during that decade it's seemingly been consolidating its power, waiting to creep up on me and say THIS IS ABOUT YOU, YOU KNOW.

I'm terrified as to what other songs I know are planning a similar move. I do listen to a lot of Velvet Underground, for one thing. But I'm also happy in a way, because The Vagabond is an ultimately optimistic song, which I think pretty well reflects my ultimately optimistic mood at present.
Golden waves
In all directions
I could lose my soul right here

Colour lights
On the runway
Makes a stranger feel unchained

I'm running after time and I miss the sunshine
Summer days will come happiness will be mine
I'm lost in my words I don't know where I'm going
I do my best I can not to worry about things

I feel loose
I feel haggard
Don't know what I'm looking for

Something true
Something lovely
That will make me feel alive

I'm running after time and I miss the sunshine
Summer days are not so far everything's gonna be fine

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