Friday 24 June 2011

On mackerel trading and British life

I've given some consideration to getting a Tumblr account in recent weeks, to serve as a general purpose repository for one-line stuff I don't want to put on Twitter, sketchy pictures, links I like... you know, all that Tumblry sort of jazz. However, my friend assures me that the whole experience is a maddening and confusing one, plus I don't like the way you can't comment.

This is a rather long-winded - you know, that Bloggery sort of jazz - way of saying that I'm just going to do it here, in the increasingly white-hot crucible that is my blog.

Today, I have two very important links to share. The first one comes via the excellent @qikipedia on Twitter and relates to prison inmates in the United States coming up with a currency based on vacuum-packed mackerel fillets. As wonderful as it sounds.

My second link is a more personal one. It is a burgeoning blog written by my friend's dad, featuring little vignettes of the documentaries he's made during his career as a multiple-award winning sound recordist and engineer. There are currently two to listen to, hopefully with many more in the future. The clips here are profoundly evocative nuggets of little pieces of British society which make life so endlessly varied, fulfilling and fascinating. I find them really rather moving, if I'm honest. Please give them a listen.

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