Saturday 25 June 2011

Wimblemund 2011, day 6

Novak Djokovic bt. Marcos Baghdatis 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4
One of the most fascinating aspects of tennis for me is that its scoring system does not necessarily favour the person who scores the most points or wins the most games: it's sets and the timing of the necessary points and games which counts. This gives it an innate tactical aspect to go along with the physical challenges. With every good player who looks like they may become great, it is this tactical understanding that is often the last piece to fall into place.

I think that, with Novak Djokovic's annus mirabilis seemingly back into full swing, there are clear signs that he may do what he's been threatening to do for a number of years and become the total package. The first set of this match was an object lesson. Expending just enough of himself against a tough opponent to stay in contention before pouncing in the final game to earn the break of service. It was high-quality stuff the whole way and tough on Baghdatis - the Cypriot is a talented, spirited and formidable opponent for anyone, but he had the frustrated look of a man who realised he was fighting against a force greater than his capabilities.

Could this be Djokovic's Wimbledon? I wouldn't be surprised.

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