Saturday 30 July 2011

The America project bonus edition - Raleigh, North Carolina

It seems like every time I check my new Twitter followers there's a new account there, extolling the virtues of Raleigh, North Carolina. The way Twitter works, if you're not familiar with it, is that excitable robots scour the tweets to find mentions of things which may possibly be relevant to them and then follow the people who said them, usually with a view to hawking their product.

I can't remember what I ever said about Raleigh, or North Carolina (the US State of which Raleigh is capital city) for that matter. I don't even recall saying anything about Raleigh Choppers, or Sir Walter Raleigh.

However, Twitter seems to have me pegged as a Raleigh man. As I always do, I'm taking the path of least resistance and moving to Raleigh to start a new life. Actually, I'm just going to give it a quick once-over in the style of my America Project posts.

Raleigh (NC) size 145 sq. m population 404,000

Founded 1792
Counties Wake, Durham
Nearby towns and cities Goldsboro, Cary, Garner, Durham
Notable landmarks and other natural features North Carolina State Capitol, Dorton Arena

Sister cities Xianyang (PRC), Compi├Ęgne (F), Kingston-upon-Hull (UK), Rostock (D)

Ten famous Raleighites
Worth Bagley (naval officer, 1874-1898)
Michael C. Hall (actor, 1971 -)
Jeff Galloway (athlete and author, 1945 -)
Anne Henning (Olympic gold medallist, 1955 -)
Herb Jackson (artist, 1945 -)
Andrew Johnson (politician, 17th President of the USA, 1808-1875)
Emily Procter (actress, 1968 -)
Peyton Reed (film director, 1964 -)
Amy Sedaris (actress and writer, 1961 -)
David Sedaris (writer, 1956 -)

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Prolificus said...

I hate Raleigh. At least its airport.



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