Thursday 21 July 2011

The America project - Hawaii

Hawaii (HI) size 10,931sq.m population 1.4 million

Bordering states none
State capital & Most populous city Honolulu
Other notable places Lahaina, Maui, Kailua-Kona, Pearl City
Notable landmarks and natural features Mauna Kea; The Royal Palace (Hawaii is the only American State to have a royal palace and no straight line in its border).

Statehood 21st August 1959 (50th)

Eight famous Hawaiians
Tia Carrere (actress and musician; born Honolulu, 1967 -)
Brian Ching (footballer; born Hale'iwa, 1978 -)
Lauren Graham (actress; born Honolulu, 1967 -)
Bette Midler (actress and singer; born Honolulu, 1945 -)
Barack Obama (politician, 44th President of the USA; born Honolulu, 1961 -)
Danny Ongais (racing driver; born Kahului, 1942 -)
Nicole Scherzinger (singer; born Honolulu, 1978 -)
Michelle Wie (golfer; born Honolulu, 1989 -)

Three important events

1. Captain Cook (14th February 1779)
Captain James Cook is one of the greatest of all the British explorers. In 1776 he set off to try and find the Northwest Passage. In 1778 he and his men became the first Europeans to set foot on the Hawaiian islands. They also became the first men to bring venereal disease to the Hawaiian islands. On his return in 1779, local islanders stole one of Cook's boats. Cook responded by attempting to take their King hostage. The villagers responded by killing Cook and baking him so as to remove his bones.

2. Pearl Harbor (7th December 1941)
The day that has lived in infamy. A seismic shift in American foreign policy was brought about as soon as it became clear that the modern world had evolved to the point that foreign powers could attack the American homeland both without warning and with frightening force. Only September 11th 2001 has come close to rivalling its shocking effect on the American cosmos.

3. Barack Obama (4th August 1961)
Despite what you may have been told by people who probably still think the Earth rests on a turtle's back, the current President of the United States is also the first to have been born in Hawaii. Aside from a 3-year spell in Indonesia between 1968 and 1971, Obama lived in Hawaii until he was 18 and left to study law in California.


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