Sunday 10 July 2011

On science

My understanding of science is perhaps a little flaky in parts. However, it is a subject which frequently fascinates, probably as a result of the number of exciting mysteries it throws up to idiots like me.

My latest concern is about emails. When the emails are all shooting about around in the pipes, there's a lot of energy there, surely? And all the emails in their pipes remind me a bit of a particle accelerator. So, my question is, if two different people with identical names emailed someone at the exact same time, would it cause reality to collapse in on itself?

This just one of the myriad excellent reasons why I prefer receiving emails from people with unique names.

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Chris O said...

Fair enough and all that, but would it work with Subject lines?

I get lots of spam messages from people with different names but using the same (often wonderfully disgusting) subject lines... How has this not caused pockets of dark energy to emerge on the interwebs?


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