Tuesday 5 July 2011

On psychics

Could old films be lying to us? Or at the very least, might they have painted a false picture of reality? How else can I explain the most baffling social omission of our times?

Back in the old days, of candlelight dinners, waspish comments and no funny stuff before marriage, no respectable woman would be without some measure of psychic powers. A dinner party was not complete without some question being answered or argument being settled by an impromptu seance, after a man had stood up to announce that his wife was "particularly in-tune with the beyond".

Where's all this now? The average dinner party that I go to now is perfectly lovely. Food and drink is consumed, conversation is enjoyed. It is so gezellig. All that is missing is a bit of occult activity to round it off. Maybe with rattling windows and sweeping curtains.

This is why Tarot card reading should be on the National Curriculum.

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