Thursday 14 July 2011

The America project - Colorado

Colorado (CO) size 104,185 sq.m population 5 million

Bordering states Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico (7)
State capital & most populous city Denver
Other notable places Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Aspen
Notable landmarks and natural features The High Plains, The Rocky Mountains

Statehood 1st August 1876 (38th)

Ten famous Coloradans
Tim Allen (comedian and actor; born Denver, 1953 -)
Neal Cassady (poet and writer; born Salt Lake City, Utah (raised in Denver), 1926-1968)
Lon Chaney (actor; born Colorado Springs, 1883-1930)
Jack Dempsey (boxer; born Manassa, 1895-1983)
Douglas Fairbanks (actor; born Denver, 1883-1939)
John Kerry (politician; born Aurora, 1943 -)
Trey Parker (actor, writer and animator; born Conifer, 1969 -)
Karl Rove (politician; born Denver, 1950 -)
Jack Swigert (astronaut; born Denver, 1931-1982)
Bobby Unser (racing driver; born Colorado Springs, 1934 -)

Three important events

1. The Colorado War (1863-65)
It's tempting to think that cowboys and injuns were just for films and TV, but of course they really weren't. The Colorado War, between the Native Cheyenne and Arapaho Americans and Colorado's new white settlers is one such example. The settlers attacked the tribesmen once they thought they were straying off of their agreed settlements. After two years' fighting, the settlers prevailed and the Native American got a raw deal indeed.

2. Colorado declines the Olympics (1972)
In 1970, Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Olympic Games. Coloradan tax payers were not keen, as they'd be footing the bill. By 1972, election year, it had become a major hot potato. On the same day the country re-elected Nixon - which went well - Coloradan voters decided to decline the hosting honours. To this date they remain the only successful Olympic hosting bid winner to reject the honour.

3. Columbine High School massacre (20th April 1999)
On Tuesday 20th April 1999, Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) went on a rampage around their High School just outside Denver. Armed with a huge arsenal of pistols and shotguns, they killed 12 of their fellow students, one teacher and injured 24 more before turning the guns on themselves. It remains the single worst school shooting in North American history.

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