Sunday 31 July 2011

New amazing products!

If you're anything like me, you'll only ever visit my blog in order for my handy list of links to other great websites. But to any of you who actually read the content (!), I just thought I'd direct your eyes over to the sidebar once more so as you can expand your horizons.
For a dedicated listo like myself, this has been the blogging find of the year. I first discovered it when its author contacted me with his list of favourite albums for my own personal records. I've since reciprocated with a list of my own for him (you can find this here), but aside from that one the weekly updates are always interesting and well worth checking out.
My great old friend 5olly had one worry in life: that he hadn't seen enough films. And so he's spent the last two years undertaking projects where he tries to watch his way through all manner of online Top 100 film lists. This has caused him a great deal of suffering, as films are generally terrible, long and boring. As such, the least we owe him is to read his reviews, which are the way all film reviews should be.
Yes, it's another blog written by one of my very closest friends. What can I tell you? I'm biased. English As She Is Spoke is a nascent project by a British woman and an American man, about language, life and love. It's an extraordinary thing, a lot more intelligent, engaging and thought-provoking than this rubbish, so what are you waiting for?

As for the rest of the links you'll find in my sidebar, they come highly recommended by the man who just broadened your mind with those three beauties. There's a guarantee of satisfaction, if you ever needed one. Click on and click regularly!


Chris O said...

Thanks for the tips - they've gone straight onto my Google Chrome bookmarks list!

Chopper said...

You're too kind Mr dotmund, but thank you very much.


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